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Requiem for an idea

It's time to pack the New New Deal in mothballs and put it away for safekeeping. 

I was proud of it.  I birthed the idea, nurtured it, watched it grow, and sent it out into the world to make its own way.

The world yawned. 

There were flickers of interest, but no one picked up the brave little new idea, examined it, played with it, improved it, made it their own.

And that was always, always the risk.

So now the idea is entering a long, long sleep.  Its website,, will join that of its sister,, in suspension, available for future use should someone find it and find it useful.

I still have T-shirts, free for the asking. Small, medium, large, and extra large sizes, both shirts promoting Jobs for the New New Deal and shirts promoting Universal Healthcare. There is a handful of New New Deal campaign buttons. There are copies of Arnold Relman's classic little book advocating single-payer healthcare and so much more, a little out of date now but with so much good information. There are hundreds of healthcare brochures.  All of these are available, no charge, first come, first served.  They'll make excellent stocking stuffers.  Or maybe the homeless will like the T-shirts.

Thanks for sharing the dreams with me. 

Wally Retan

3105 Warrington Road

Birmingham, AL 35223-2721


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